XX Marks the Spot

Yesterday, Friday the 13th, was an ultrasound to check on the baby’s progress and to learn the sex, if we so chose. And, yes, we chose. Well, I wanted to learn more than Rob, I think, but being the good sport that he is, he went along with me (for those of you are wondering, we did not find out if Robby was a boy or girl, though we both felt strongly he was a boy). I’ve been so excited, so looking forward to this day. I felt, in some ways, that I couldn’t make any decisions–from decorating to big life stuff–until I knew.

Naturally, we were at the ultrasound place early, and naturally, they were slammed. However, we were lucky to see the same radiologist we saw quite a bit while pregnant with Robby. He has a lot of energy, and is very reassuring (ultrasounds are wondrous but also a but nerve-wracking). He also remembered us from last time. I told him how, with Robby, we didn’t find out the sex, but knew all along he was a boy (and we were right). This time, however, we wanted to know. And, then, with only a quick glance at our baby in the monitor he said he knew what it was. So fast! Did we want to know? Yes! Yes!

Drum roll, please….

And, he told us what Rob and I suspected: we are having a girl. A little girl! But the most important news followed: she looks great, has all the right parts. Her heart was pumping, she was moving about, even hiding from the camera at times. We did manage to get some pictures of her and one is included here.

A girl! Our very own little treasure…. A little sister for Robby to take care of and be friends with, a grand-daughter for my mom and mother-in-law to spoil (no princess stuff, please!), a little girl to wrap Rob around her figure, and hopefully, a daughter who will someday grow up to be one of my best friends, just like my mom is mine.

Now, we just have to wait 20 weeks to meet her!

In other child news, Robby has had a great week, cold notwithstanding. Some highlights:

  • On Tuesday, we were gathered in our bedroom, getting ready for work and school. Robby was sitting on a chair, looking out of the window, and I was kneeling next to him. “Who loves you, Robby?” I asked. He pointed at me and smiled. I was in heaven the rest of the day.
  • Robby ate spaghetti and pesto for the first time last night! He was not too keen on the plain spaghetti I offered to him earlier, but was much more enthusiastic about the spaghetti once it was covered in pesto and once he watched Mommy and Daddy eat some. What a foodie! Yesterday, pesto; tomorrow, who knows?
  • Robby is saying more words! Bird, woof, dog, quack, and duck are regular occurrences. This is notable because, due to his ear infections, his language acquisition had slowed down. He also can pick out an animal in a book when asked and respond with their sounds. This morning, when “skyping,” he and Nana “read” a book together, with Robby responding “neigh,” “baaaa,” “woof,” and “quack” to the animals (quack appears to be Robby’s favorite, neigh is mine).

Oh, and back to the baby-to-be….we’ll be keeping our name selection on the low-down. When I was pregnant with Robby, I received some not-so-nice comments about our girl names. I don’t think people meant to be rude, but it wasn’t pleasant to hear negative responses to our top choices. We’ll announce her name once she is born. And, we might just call her something crazy….like Sunshine Kalahari Pomegranate Petunia….who knows? Kids have been called crazier things than that. Until little Sunshine Kalahari Pomegranate Petunia is born, though, we’ll be calling her Skippy.

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