Updates on Our (Now) 15 Month Old!

I’ve been delinquent in updating our blog these past two months…it’s been a whirlwind of a fall into winter….Work was very busy and I had a week-long business trip. We were off to Nana’s for Thanksgiving, and then we were off to Florida to visit with G-Mama Megan, Gethin, and Rie. Next, we blinked, it was Christmas, and we were in New Jersey at Grandma’s.

While all of this was happening, R was growing leaps and bounds. He is now 15 months old, and has amazed us with his new abilities. Some of the highlights include:

  • He walks! R took his first tentative steps on November 20, and is now busily making his way around on two feet.
  • He talks! While complex sentences still allude him, R has an array of words he likes to use. His top choice by far is “woof,” and he can also say “quack,” “duck,” “ball,” “bird” (though I have never heard this one), and of course, “Ma” (what happened to Mama, I don’t know) and “Dadda.” He’s currently working on “car” and “dog.”
  • He shakes his head! This one totally cracks me up. He understands shaking his head left to right (or right to left) means no, and employs it with great abandon, most especially at meal time. He’s working on nodding yes, but that one usually ends up being a total body shake.
  • He’s mischievous! R, for his first birthday present from Mommy and Daddy, received a Radio Red Flyer little wagon that he can push around. It’s the perfect size for the new walker, and it’s super cute to watch him go in circles around the house. The trick, however, is that young R has mastered climbing in and out of the wagon (he also figured out how to remove the safety fencing around the wagon). He then waits for an agreeable parent to push him around the house–preferably at a fast speed.
  • He reads! Well, he loves books. He knows to turn the book around so he is holding it properly, and he likes to turns the pages, look at the pictures, and “read” the story aloud. His telling of the story entails many “words” that are new to my vocabulary, but are very enjoyable for those who listen.
  • He’s affectionate! R is very good at giving hugs, and slobbery kisses are his forte. On occasion, he’s been known to give kisses without the slobber, but the wet ones are still my favorite.
  • He’s polite! He covers his mouth when he coughs. (Honestly, he does!) I don’t know where he learned to do this (daycare, I guess), and now we are working on thank you and please.
  • He’s adventurous! The other night, we went out for Thai food with Nana, Uncle Mike, and Grandma, and R tasted several dishes, including tofu, taro, and assorted veggies in different sauces. Next time: Indian food!

We’re looking forward to 2009, and the new achievements–both large and small–that R will dazzle us with. We’ll keep you posted (one of my new year’s resolutions to show more TLC to our blog!)…. Until then, I hope you have a healthy and happy new year!