Thank You Tuesday

My colleague, Jen, shared this idea today: she reads a blog in which, once a week, the writers and editors make a list of all of things, people, and events for which they are thankful. I love this idea, and am co-opting it for today’s posting.

Thank you for…

  • My husband….Happy Anniversary, love.
  • Long weekends.
  • My little brother who turned 33 last week!
  • Facebook…I’m addicted, it’s true, but it’s also a great way to reconnect with old friends.
  • The sale at Threadless (or at least until the credit card bill comes).
  • Those Mac vs. PC commercials….advertising can be creative–and make you laugh.
  • My baby boy…he’s awfully cuddly and might actually like me a lot.

Things I am not thankful for include (might as well be balanced)….

  • The return of “90210“….Really? Is it necessary?
  • Using teen pregnancy to torpedo a campaign. Republican or not, it’s wrong. And, kids should be off limits.
  • Never having enough time to take care of the items on my to do list.
  • Too many other things to list here.

Thanks for reading, everyone. As always, comments on our postings are welcome and encouraged — we’d like to hear from you.