And we’re off!

R’s done it: he’s mastered crawling! Hurrah for Robby…boo hoo for us.

It’s been a gradual skill acquisition process. For about two weeks, R had been doing what I call “mini-crawling:” moving forward with one or two crawls (not sure what else to call them), but then stopping. Last weekend, something clicked in his head and just in time for his 10 month birthday, he put it all together and started to crawl around the house. Yesterday (at 3:51 PM ET exactly), he crawled about 20 feet, from the office to the kitchen. It was amazing! I was cheering, jumping up and down, and clapping. And, my little man crawled right to me (or was it to the bottle I placed on the floor in front of me as I enthusiastically signed “bottle”?). This morning, R was “reading” a book in the upstairs hall, and I was about three feet away in my bedroom (don’t worry, the baby gate’s up). I called out, asking him to come to me in the bedroom. Then, all of a sudden, a little head came around the corner into my room! It was adorable!

Now, we really need to finish babyproofing…..