Accident Report

R had an “accident report” at day care today. This is a scary piece of paper that notifies parents about something that happened during the day that resulted in some sort of physical harm. My heart skipped a beat when his teachers told me about the report. Hearing accident and R in the same sentence is probably one of the greatest parental fears. In our case, R, demonstrating a great deal of joyful enthusiasm for having mastered crawling, bumped his head against the play tunnel. Apparently, he cried a little bit but recovered quickly. He’s now growing a nice little bruise/bump on the right side of his forehead…When did my baby become a little boy?

The other exciting news from day care today is that R cried a little bit when I left him. OK, I know this is terribly selfish — no mother wants to see her child upset — but R typically turns his attention immediately to the toys, his teachers, or the other babies when we arrive at “school” — I am just the chauffeur. Today was the first time he exhibited any sort of sadness, the first time he protested my departure (he did cry a couple of weeks ago when both my husband and I dropped him off, but that, I am certain, was because my husband was there). And, the even better news is that when I picked him up at the end of the day, he was so excited to see me! He cried out for me, smiled, and started to crawl toward me. This kid might like me after all…..