Thoughts for Today

Today’s my birthday, and I am having a great time hanging with my little man (I took the day off; I don’t believe in working on my birthday!). I awoke to cards from Rob and Robby and a PowerPoint presentation from my husband, outlining how I’d spend the day (chill with Robby in the morning, go to the spa in the afternoon, hang out with my mom and brother this evening while eating my brother’s amazing pizza). Later in the morning, Robby took a 80 minute nap, which afforded me time to organize the office (I enjoy that kind of stuff–plus, I got to shred a lot of paper!). Additionally, Robby has given me many, many kisses–the best present there is. (The kisses are very important for my emotional well-being because yesterday, when Rob and I dropped him off at day care, he cried when we left, showing his first signs of stranger anxiety…It was so hard! I bawled all the way to the car.) Oops, time to play…more later!