Happy/Not Happy

Things I’m happy about:

  • The weather has been 70 degrees the past few days.
  • Azaleas are in bloom everywhere.
  • R is tickle-ish (divine!).
  • The grass is growing in our front yard.
  • The husband likes his job (hurrah!).
  • I weigh less now than I did in all of 2007 (though not that hard considering how enormous I was when pregnant).
  • The Democratic primaries will (hopefully) be over soon.
  • R discovered the benefits of napping this past weekend.
  • I ran two miles (and walked one) on the treadmill yesterday!
  • Sex & the City” opens in theatres in two days (now, if I only I had time to go to the movies…).

Things I am not happy about:

  • We are overly dependent on foreign oil, and we’re not doing enough to make ourselves energy self-sufficient.
  • Despite feeling as if I have no free time, I still manage to watch bad reality television (so embarrassing, in fact, that I can’t list the shows here).
  • R is getting over his third (fourth?) ear infection. (Sometimes, I hate day care.)
  • One day in day care, and R has already forgotten the benefits of napping. (Did I mention that sometimes I hate day care?)
  • Wrinkles….the little, insidious ones under the eyes. Really? Are they necessary?
  • I still can’t fit into my favorite pants (10 pounds to go).
  • R’s learned how to pull my hair (ouch!).
  • Work is so hectic that I may just lose my mind.
  • I am stuck in the never ending hell of multiple sports games on at all hours (Do we really need NESN, multiple ESPN channels, and the NFL network?).
  • There is no cure–yet–for ovarian cancer or melanoma.

Hmm….probably should have listed the bad stuff first. Oh well, read it bottom to top! And add your own happy/not happy items in the comments section.

P.S. Happy Birthday to R’s Nana (and my mother-in-law), Christie!

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