Six Months

We celebrated R’s 6 month birthday! It’s amazing to us how quickly he has grown from an idea and a hope to a zygote to a newborn to a little person. He is developing a personality, expressing preferences, learning new skills, and entertaining us all of the time. He’s a joy each moment, and we feel really lucky to be Robby’s parents.

We celebrated R’s half-way-to-one-year day by visiting with our triplet friends–Jackson, Olivia, and Sophie–and their mom–Sara. We had a lot of fun playing and dancing with them and look forward to another visit soon!

This picture is of R in his cool high chair (thanks Uncle Michael), waiting for his dinner. He is holding one of his favorite toys (a rattle from Aunt Noni), and has (of course) stopped smiling because he saw the camera.

A new toy that R is enjoying is a series of blocks (thanks Laura) that squeak, are squishy, and have numbers and animals on them. While he does not seem interested in the numbers, he is particularly engaged (as you can see) by the prospect of getting the blocks in his mouth to chew, suck, and drool. Thank goodness they are washable!

Last weekend, we met Sienna, Ed and Sonal’s new baby. Big sister Maya welcomed us to her house, and was eager for R to wake up from his nap. Unfortunately, naps aren’t always easy to come by around here (which is so sad ’cause the husband and I could nap all the time!), so Maya had to wait a little bit. Lots of playing and catching up followed.

R is making progress on rolling over more frequently, and seems very eager to master sitting up, so we are working on that now. He also made a new sound tonight as we got him ready for bad: “ba.” I’m holding out for “mama” but my money’s on “dada” as his first word, though “red sox” is probably a better guess now that baseball season has started up again!

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