Today, we celebrated our son’s Christening. It was a great day — very, very special for all of us. The husband, R, and I were joined by my mom (R’s Grandma), my mother-in-law (R’s Nana), my brother (Michael), my best friend (Megan), and our dear friends (Mike and Lindsey) and their new baby. Michael and Megan are R’s godparents, or as we call them, his G-Pops and G-Mama (see picture on left of the five of us after the service). We were truly honored to be surrounded by so many people we love and to be able to celebrate this important milestone in R’s life.

R was great during the service, but was wiped out by the end (see left). Unfortunately, the only photo we have of him in his Christening suit shows him passed out in his car seat! (See the Easter posting for a better view.)

We had the Christening at our church, St. John’s Episcopal in Arlington. Reverend Ramsey gave a wonderful sermon during the service, and we were all very inspired. He spoke about how our dreams become our priorities and our priorities become our lives. Therefore, we must make spirituality one of our dreams, or one day, we will wake up to find our lives filled with priorities that are not fulfilling or meaningful. He also wove in the readings and R’s baptism. I won’t be able to do his word justice here, so I included the Langston Hughes poem that he quoted at the beginning of the sermon to give you a taste of what he heard.

But the most amazing part of the sermon was R; he stared almost exclusively at Reverend Ramsey with a look of concentration and deep thought. It was almost as if he understood what was being said — and who knows? His head is pretty big (90th percentile!) — it’s possible he has the brain of an older kid! 🙂

R was well-behaved during the ceremony, letting out a little yell when held over the baptismal font. He cheered up when Reverend Ramsey walked him down the aisle to introduce him to the congregation. Our little social butterfly!

Later, during lunch, we snapped these pictures of everyone relaxing. Much love to all who were there and those who are far away!