A Great Weekend!

R turned 24 weeks old on Friday, and we celebrated by attending a MOMSwim class at the Arlington Girls & Boys Club. What fun! The class featured swimming, singing, signing, and lots of splashing. R enjoyed his first swimming adventure, and especially liked seeing the other babies from our last Mom & Baby class at Isis. We saw lots of friends. We’re looking forward to next week’s class!

The celebration continued when Grandma and Uncle Michael arrived from New Jersey for a visit. We had a terrific time with them, though they went home too quickly! Since it was a rainy day on Saturday, we headed to the mall to walk around (and nap). Nana also came up from the Cape for a visit, and we all enjoyed a delicious dinner–Uncle Michael’s famous pizza! (Check out these roasted sweet red peppers, a special topping for an extra-special dish.)

Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Mike also stopped by on Sunday, before Uncle Michael and Grandma left, so R and A could have some play time.

The weekend ended with some playtime with Daddy.

And, we cheered on the Red Sox (it doesn’t matter that it was an exhibition game, it still counts in our book)! The Red Sox Opening Day is only 8 days away! GO SOX!