5 Months Old!

Amazing, but true, R is 5 months old. While we are not sure where the last few months have gone, we are confident they have been filled with the wonder of our little man.

The big news in our house is that R’s two lower front teeth are coming in! I never thought that teeth could be cute…but these are! Except for biting Mommy a few times, R seems to be adjusting well to this new development.

For Grandma, who is lobbying hard for R to have his Daddy’s hair (still not sure what’s wrong with my hair, but go figure!), R has had some hair growth the past few weeks. Little blond strands are appearing on his cute big/little head. Hopefully, he will not be bald forever!

R’s day care hosted an art show on February 28, and R, along with all of the other kids, had pieces in the collection. The theme was shapes, and Robby’s contribution included several pictures of him holding shapes–a triangle, rectangle, and circle–and looking very “artistic” (I am convinced he wasn’t thinking about Picasso’s blue period, but rather trying to figure out how to get them in his mouth!)

In other news, R is “talking” a lot, and he is a huge fan of the Exersaucer that his uncle gave him for Christmas. He enjoys playing in it while Daddy makes dinner. He also enjoyed a visit from Nana last weekend, and is looking forward to seeing family on Skype this weekend.

Much to Mommy & Daddy’s dismay, his commitment to sleeping through the night is uncertain–some nights, he’s a big fan, some nights, his parents are awake every 30 minutes. Regardless, he’s a love! And, Mommy & Daddy are amazed how well they can function on little sleep.

More to follow. In the meantime, much love to all!